Company Overview

What We're All About

KALMM Consultancy will act as an enabler and accelerator partner locally and globally for their customers and business associates; will also act as a stabilizer for long-term sustenance of business growth.

Who we are

KALMM Consultancy  is established in 2023 by three friends and colleagues from the automobile & manufacturing industry, having worked together and then separated due to professional aspirations and came back  after two and half decades to start a new beginning together.

KALMM, the name of the company, is acronym  consisting initials of the names of the three founders: Asaf Ali Khan, Lalit Monga & Mukesh Malhotra.

Having more than four decades of the experience individually, they decided to form a self-sustainable, economically viable consultancy business to support and turn-around the client companies by connecting the dots: polishing or burnishing the rough edges of the business, enhancing efficiencies in supply-chain, process, quality and cost- management thru skill-up.